Hello, nice to e-meet you!

My name is Marija Stankovic. I’m currently living and working in Belgrade, Serbia.

I’ve finished studies of architecture, and during that time developed: (even bigger) love for design, ability to stay awake more than 24h and addiction for coffee (and chocolate, but college has nothing to do with it)

If I could choose one super-power, that would be to speak fluently every language!

I love to photograph beautiful architecture and interesting textures. Those photos I’m using for collages, with the addition of found imagery and geometric elements.

Using different photos and creating new composition and relations between elements is such a thrilling process!

Digital collage is my biggest love, but through analog, I can explore ideas differently. You can see that in the “Redesign Catalog“ project.

I’ve been part of two amazing artist residency programs in Italy (in Palermo and Castagno di Piteccio). My works were published in Rapsodia, Magazine of arts and literature, and were part of group exhibitions in Serbia, Italy, and Korea.

I hope my work can inspire people, and be a little reminder that creativity is something that should never be limited. ♡

Enjoy exploring my site!

If you have any questions, want to collaborate, or want to say hi, message me!